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At Tenderbuck, we’ve found a few things that we like, and we think that you will like them too!


Broken Arrow Ranch is an artisanal producer of high quality free-range venison, antelope, and wild boar meat. They field harvest only truly wild animals by partnering with ranchers in Central and South Texas as an integral part of their population management programs. This practice provides a humane life and harvest for the animals, maintains a sustainable animal population for the rancher, and produces wild game meats of legendary quality.  Broken Arrow Ranch exclusively uses Tenderbuck Electrostimulators, and will not sell a cut of venison to a chef unless it has been electrostimulated.

yellow rose distilling made in texas

Yellow Rose Distillery is an award-winning micro distillery located in Houston, Texas. Currently available in Texas and many other states.  Yellow Rose’s “Outlaw Bourbon” won the American Distilling Institute  2013 “Best in Class” category in 2013, and the Yellow Rose “Straight Rye Whiskey” won a double gold medal at the 2013 San Francisco World Spirits Competition.   Good stuff, and the perfect way to relax and celebrate a great day hunting!


Texas Trophy Hunters Association – In 1975, Jerry Johnston had a dream.  A dream to bring together the most serious and passionate deer hunters everywhere, to learn from each other, share hunting stories and skills, improve our wildlife and habitat, and work together to protect and promote our hunting heritage for future generations.  With that dream, and with the encouragement of family and friends, Jerry founded the Texas Trophy Hunters Association. With tens of thousands of members and a reputation as one of the most respected hunting organizations in the world, TTHA has given Tenderbuck an opportunity to shine at their annual Hunters Extravaganzas.

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