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The TENDERBUCK Electrostimulator is a portable device used by hunters in the field to improve the quality of their wild game meats by using patent-pending technology to safely and quickly send a precise series of electrical impulses through the musculature of their recently deceased animal. Used within a few minutes of the kill, electrostimulation will cause a more thorough bleed-out, lower the pH level in the muscles, and cause physical disruption of the structure of the meat.

Tenderbuck Electrostimulator

Excluding Sales Tax
  • 1) Increased Tenderness: Lowers pH, making conditions favorable for naturally occurring enzymes and physically alters the structure of the meat by tearing the tiny fibers within the muscle.

    2) Improved flavor:Removes the excess blood that is often left in the muscle and contributes to that “gamey” taste

     3) Allows immediate processing:The worst thing a hunter can do is cut up the carcass before the rigor-mortis process. This causes “foreshortening” to occur which packs the muscle fibers and makes the meat tough. But proper storage for a whole carcass is not always possible. Stimulation allows you to bypass that stage and cut the carcass up immediately without the detrimental effects of foreshortening.

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